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Multi-Category Schedule


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Alongside the strong development of technology 4.0, the application of Digital in construction has become increasingly important.

The creation of tools to improve the speed of work are even more essential. In this article I will introduce you to the tool Multi-Category Schedule. This is a tool to help you quickly schedule the parameter value of the object in Revit and Export to Excel. 

Especially, with the feature schedule of ElementID and UniqueID, parameter type that Revit can't schedule, will help you easily synchronize data between Excel and Revit through the tool BIM Link
See my instruction below:
In the Add-ins Q’Apps Menu, you can easily recognize the Add-in Multi-Category Schedule as shown below:
Interface of Multi-Category Schedule

The Add-in includes 3 main menus:

  • Fields: Area of setting for schedule table.
  • Filter & Sorting: Filter and sort data
  • Save & Load Setting: Save settings and Load presetting.

Determine the values ​​to be scheduled

  1. Scope Elements: The object area will be scheduled.
    • Entire Project: Schedule all of objects in the project.
    • Current View: Schedule only objects in the current View.
    • Current Selection: Schedule selected objects.
  2. Filter List: Filter object types for schedule. You can select all and then search for the object as shown in the example beside.
  3. All Fields to Schedule: Select the parameters of the element that need schedule. In this example, I'm going to make schedule of Sheets.
  4. You use the left and right arrow buttons to add or remove parameters in the schedule table and use up and down one to arrange parameters as you want.
  5. Schedule Fields: All parameters need to schedule ​​are displayed in this area. ElementId and UniqueId values ​​will be scheduled default.

Filter and Sorting

You can select the parameters to Filter or Sort to suit your requirements.

In the example above I used the parameter Sheet Number to Filter and Sort.

Save and Load Setting

After the setup steps, you can save the settings for later use or for another computer.

The setup file will have the format as below:

Export ra Excel

In the final step, you export to an Excel file, then you can edit the data on the Excel file and update it into the model again. In this example, the corrected data ​​are: Drawing Number, Drawing Name, etc.
If you want to quickly update the editing on Excel file into Revit, let's use the Add-in BIM Link nhéhttps://revitapivietnam.com/bim-link

Schedule of Drawing Number and Drawing Name

Above is the instruction for you to quickly export schedule from Revit to Excel in the fastest way using the Multi-Category Schedule tool

Finally, Q'Apps hopes to be a powerful support tool for your work!