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Hi everyone, Q’Apps has been converted to Alpha BIM. Please visit our new website for more information: https://alphabimvn.com/en/


QˊApps – BIM Tools for Revit is the tools programmed exclusively for Autodesk Revit software. Help increase work efficiency for Revit users.
Developed from the early days of 2018, up to now 
QˊApps already have some useful features as:

  1. Create Rebar Image for schedule table: https://youtu.be/u3fWZIIvsXA 
  2. Automatic numbering and control numbers for Rebar: https://youtu.be/TWRrGwQVzk8 
  3. Automatically create mark for elements: https://youtu.be/wCxIXEDU_Q8 
  4. Auto Join: https://youtu.be/7dbNlxdD99Q
  5. BIM LINK – Data synchronization between Excel and Revit:
  6. Calculating formwork area:
  7. Model building tools from AutoCAD: 
  8. Other tools for Rebar: 
  9. Tools for View & Sheet: 
  10. See more tools: