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Bạn có đang tốn nhiều thời gian vào việc Join mô hình không? Việc phải chọn từng cấu kiện, Join thủ công thật sự mất rất nhiều thời gian. Lâu dần sẽ cảm thấy thật ức chế rồi sẽ giảm đi năng lượng làm việc đấy 🙁
From now, you will no longer be in that inhibitory state. QˊApps has launched Add-In Auto Join to help you optimize your productivity. You do not have to spend a lot of manipulations and time for joining models anymore. Just 1 click, you can Join the whole model in just 1 second.
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  1. Install QˊApps:
    – Tải về bộ cài đặt: https://alphabimvn.com/en
    – Bạn xem cách active QˊApps (nay là Alpha BIM) ở link này nhé: https://alphabimvn.com/cai-dat
  2. Auto-Join tutorial: 
    In the QˊApps menu, you can easily see the Auto Join button as shown below.

The first time you use the Add-In, you will have to set up the Rules Join to suit your requirements.
In the image below, that is the interface of Auto-Join dialog box in the first time you use the Add-In.

Giao diện Add-in Auto-Join
Interface of Add-in Auto-Join

To create a rules for Auto Join, click on "New Rule" and set up the required category priority.
After the first set up, the Rules are automatically saved in memory for future using.
You can save the rules into the file and then reload the file saved to another computer or for subsequent runs.

First column: Priority Category - Priority Category while joining.
Second column: Join with Category - The category will be joined with the priority category in the first column.
Third column: Reverse - Change the priority of the join category.
There are 2 options for selecting the Join elements:
1. Current View: If you don't select any element for joining, Add-In will default to running on all elements on the current view.
2. Current Selection: This option is selected when you select the elements before running Add-In and Add-In will only run on the selected elements.


Beam is the priority category when joining with Floor
Floor is the priority category when joining with Beam
Beam is the priority category in Reverse stage

For more details on how to use Add-In Auto Join, please refer to the video tutorial following the link: