About Me

Revit API journey of Dang Le Quan

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About me

Hello everyone, I am Dang Le Quan, the founder and developer of the Add-ins Q’Apps, which includes more than 50 tools to improve the working speed on Revit software. I am also the author of Programming course Revit API!

My journey with the Revit API

After graduating from university in 2015, I went towards BIM & Revit to develop my career. At that moment, I didn't know anything about programming the Revit API. I simply had a passion for programming for the construction industry, ever since I was at the university lecture hall!
The school I attended is University of Technology and Education Ho Chi Minh city. Here, the teachers of the Faculty Of Civil Engineering inspired to me the passion for automation in Construction!

The first company I worked for was Structures Vietnam (SVN), member of Vinci Construction Corporation. The company used own tool for AutoCAD Structural Detailing developed by the seniors. I admired them so much. I wanted to be able to make my own tools to improve model work and deploy Shop Drawing on my Revit.

Initially, I studied Python to develop Dynamo, but later I realized that C# was more supported by Autodesk. At the same time, I also received the support from my respected boss in SVN for C# so I switched to C#.

I started reaching with Revit API programming in 2016, when the Revit API programming concept was very primitive. My first step was quite difficult because there weren't many references, I've spent a lot of time figuring out directions that were simple and effective. Fortunately for me in SVN, there were many people who were good at programming, they have supported me a lot for the first steps of my passion!

My initial products were very long because I didn't know how to optimize the code. Over time with perseverance, not giving up, my programming style has improved. You know that: Miracles never come easily.

In SVN, I have found out how to program Revit API on modern WPF platform (WPF  – Windows Presentation Foundation). Programming with WPF has made my code simpler, easier to understand, and my Add-ins look better than ever. WPF is the future of .NET Application. You can refer to WPF here: https://bit.ly/WPF&Winform

The 2nd and current company I work for is Novaland Group. Here, with the help of my colleagues, I continued to develop tools for BOQ volume export, control volume of contractor, model conflict control ...

Qua hành trình hơn 4 năm với Revit API, mình đã tạo ra bộ công cụ Q’Apps Solutions. Q’Apps bao gồm các Add-ins nổi bật như:

Currently, I am still effort to continue developing and perfecting the Add-ins Q’Apps to serve you better.

Lastly, I would like to thank the respectful Bosses for supporting me, facilitating me to develop the Revit API. I would like to thank the seniors who helped me to learn new knowledge. I would like to thank my colleagues and users of Q’Apps for giving me ideas, helping me fix errors. I would also like to thank the students of the Revit API Programming Course for helping me improve the course better!

See you!